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How to Reduce On-the-Job Stress

Does your job stress you out? If you find your tension level going through the roof while you’re at work, give yourself a break. Reducing stress can be as simple as stretching your legs or organizing your desk. So chill out and learn creative ways to de-stress on the job!

Focus Your Internet Resume to Get Attention

When you post your resume online, you want it to get noticed. But how can your resume—one of literally hundreds facing recruiters every day—draw enough attention to get you an interview? It’s all about focus. Step into the recruiters’ spotlight by tailoring your resume and using online tools to get the attention you deserve!

Live to Work or Work to Live? That is the Question

You’re dedicated to your career. You always give 110 percent. You work long hours, make countless sacrifices for the job and earn good money. What about the rest of your life? Are you working so much that you don’t have a life? It’s a tough balancing act—giving the same energy to both your work and personal life. You can achieve balance if you know which questions to ask and where to go for answers but you need a plan.

How Low Do You Go?

A sluggish economy. A tight job market. Tons of competition. Recruiters overwhelmed with resumes. How can you get any attention under such difficult conditions? Will you be forced to take a lower salary just to get back to work? In this job market, when salaries are slipping, your salary expectations should have some flexibility. But you don’t have to give up everything just to get a job. It’s all about how you market yourself.

So Don't Call It Networking

Any career services professional will tell you that networking is the single most important job search activity. Indeed, outplacement companies and career counselors hold seminars and workshops devoted just to this subject. But no matter how much we say so, it seems many job seekers hate to network and prefer to spend their time sending out resumes or cruising job sites on the Internet.

I realize now that the newly unemployed often misunderstand the networking concept. Because networking is encouraged by the career consultant, individuals tend to view it as a skill specific to the job hunt, and not a widely-applicable, if not essential, work or life skill. Some people dismiss networking as a purely mechanistic process, while others avoid it because they think it's phony or inauthentic. At best, many individuals network just out of necessity and then forget all about it once they're re-employed.

So if it will do any good, don't call it networking. If it just conjures up negat…

Employers See Value of Personal Resilience

With the world of work as well as the world at large, seeming more and more unstable having the capacity to remain flexible and self-reliant in the midst of such ambiguity and change has never been more important. This is especially true in dealing with your career. It seems that the ability to confront constant change and stay productive comes naturally to some people, but resilience is a strength others must develop. The good news is that with some effort it can be done.