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Honest about the salary More Profitable

Not every office has a habit that our employees are open to each other about their big salaries. Most employees will keep the score, although with one another must be wondering: how many colleagues who have accepted the same job? What if your co-workers know your salary, do you feel cheated? If their salaries are lower, certainly not a problem. That is not fun is if you caught a salary below the standard.

Pursuit of Extra value, Should I?

One employee stated that state-owned company before working for the company, he worked in foreign companies. In a previous company, the process is working very well and the system was standardized and well established. Only, his conscience bothered because the largest portion of corporate profits is not enjoyed by workers, but shareholders abroad.

Job Interview Question & Answers

Win at Job Interviews

You are doing research on Job Interviews, that means you most likely have a real Job Interview to prepare for.