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Pursuit of Extra value, Should I?

One employee stated that state-owned company before working for the company, he worked in foreign companies. In a previous company, the process is working very well and the system was standardized and well established. Only, his conscience bothered because the largest portion of corporate profits is not enjoyed by workers, but shareholders abroad.

He also left the company to join the state-owned enterprises, in which its practices are very different from the previous company. So many inefficiencies here and there. He then tried to propose the changes and even then enjoy the spirit of change that little by little began to receive his superiors. Although they had to work extra hard, he is satisfied that at least could contribute in their own country.

We are certainly proud to see someone who has good reason to forego the “comfort zone” for the sake of his country. This form of decision that the spirit and motivation of individuals can be based on “values” espoused.

As Jim Collins and Jerry Porras published Built to Last, in 1994, all companies are plagued uphold the principles and values act as guidelines and believes that outlines the basic principles and behave is a superpenting in running the company. However, in practice we often see companies that do not reflect the values are echoed.

On the walls of Enron boardroom, there was clear corporate values: Communication, Respect, Integrity, Excellence. However, the company even became so famous because of fraud. Then, where the integrity of digaung-gaungkan? Why is writing on the wall integrity seemed powerless, toothless and meaningless? Is it wrong values to be translated? Is it values and practices at the company simply has nothing to do?

When the values and practices in the field do not connect, imagine how difficult it is top management and leaders of organizing and directing the team. When the value of simply being empty slogan, how team members can truly feel happy and doing meaningful work?

Pursuit of “value added” of the
Almost all the companies put the “customer focus” as one of its value, but we can see the application and its impact can be so different from one company to another company. A company that had put “customer service” as one of its value, even a very narrowly interpret the term “customer service”. For the majority of employees, even top leaders, “service” means more to repair the defective product, but it has nothing to do with attention to customer needs will be fast and reliable process.
Translation is wrong and not the revelation of the “customer focus” in the range of work procedures and guide decision-making, resulting in difficulty of the individual to “walk the talk”. Ends, the value does not seem to be possessed, “no sound”. In fact, the values in an institution not only serve to direct behavior, but also as individual adhesive to each other. Do not we immediately feel close to people that faith, one mind, and agree?

There are also instances where a company canceling of customer orders, since one count in the internal team. In fact, customers already take into account the time of arrival of the goods to run a business. This of course is not only frustrating employees and customers, but it causes more difficult to lift employee morale.

Thus, our challenge is to imagine what the added value that can be given of the values that we profess. In short, the basic principles or “value” companies, institutions or countries, not necessarily heralded when not adding value. If because of the basic principles, customers and employees even made complicated, what is the function and meaning of these principles?

On the other hand, if this basic principle, be studied, used as a dictionary, used as a benchmark problem solving and ultimately make more individuals in the group could be independent in performing their duties, then the value would be obtained, either directly or indirectly. Even better if it can guide the behavior is recorded and used as a benchmark for newly hired employees, which is related to ways of making decisions when experiencing difficulties, even in calculating the costs and benefits and risks of the company.

Socializing rather than “marketing launch”
Many companies or institutions that are stuck on the symbolic aspects of its values. When finished outlining the company’s value, many do we see a massive launch and celebration for, so to speak, “embed” these values.

In fact, we can not instill values, values ??in the blood stream, and spice up the value in the mindset of employees only through the launching. We need a lot to facilitate internalization of the discussions, asked questions, and assure all employees that this is essentially the value of behaving. We can imitate a serious company, held a “values communication plan” for melatihkan and discuss complicated cases that need to be addressed according to the true values, even using the “key values indicators” to measure the behavior and achievement. In difficult and happy, values must be lighthouse.

Let us see also Pancasila, the foundation of our country, which is memorized, known, liked, and never questioned the people. However, have we felt so close, put it in the noble values of our hearts and in our blood stream, until we can truly say “Stand by for you to make sacrifices,” Garuda Pancasila as the lyrics of the song? How should we blow these values that have been outlined, and benefited from the philosophy of the company, institution or country?

First of all, we really have to ask the leader or manager of the institution, whether he actually embrace these values, or he himself is distant and not so regard it. It is also important that the leaders and the leaders could describe these values in the behavior or at least not in the dialogue, speech, problem solving, and setting priorities. Countries, groups, and institutions that citizens “Live Their values” is bound to look attractive, unique, and naturally enjoy the value added.


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