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Honest about the salary More Profitable

Not every office has a habit that our employees are open to each other about their big salaries. Most employees will keep the score, although with one another must be wondering: how many colleagues who have accepted the same job? What if your co-workers know your salary, do you feel cheated? If their salaries are lower, certainly not a problem. That is not fun is if you caught a salary below the standard.

For some people, salary is a personal matter. How much of your salary, not other people’s business. Information about salary was not properly known by others, either by your best friend in the office as well as by colleagues in other divisions. When the salary of one employee “leak” into the surrounding environment, the situation would not have been the same.

You are paid under the standard may be compelled to ask for a raise, or glance at job opportunities elsewhere. If a group of employees in one division were paid higher than other divisions, then this could create jealousy in the company.

Could be, worries about two things that make the company let the tradition of keeping salaries. The reason, they do not want employees to ask for a raise or leave the company and chose to work at the company’s competitors.

Of course, not all companies have such a culture. A healthy company will apply transparency, including in the matter of salaries. Employees who understand their own value in the job market would be able to make better career decisions. If we never know what salary range the company itself or in the company’s competitors, how do we know that we have been receiving a decent salary? When the option to resign brings us to the career and better pay, why not?

A study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research shows how a group of workers at the University of California indicated a database published in the Sacramento Bee newspaper. The database lists the salaries of employees in all states, which were published in California.

The study concluded, people who find that their salaries below the average of the group they tend to be dissatisfied with their jobs and wages, then find a new job that is considered more “promising”.
Open-opener about the salary of the state government also helps to understand how to set the right budget. Therefore, even though California is currently experiencing a budget crisis, according to Bloomberg’s business and financial sites, some government employees are still receiving a salary high enough.

What about you? Are you familiar outspoken about the huge salary with your coworkers?


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