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Job Stress Symptoms

Quite often job stress can cause physical symptoms which many people don't realize as work related. Migraine headaches, stomach problems, back problems, heart problems, and other ailments can be caused by stress on the job. For most, a visit to their family doctor is the first step that is appropriate. However, a person who is suffering job stress should realize that his/her health is being affected by problems on the job. Physicians sometimes do not diagnose stress as the contributing factor or the cause of physical ailments. Patients often don't tell their doctor what stress they are experiencing and so the underlying problem goes undiagnosed.

Stress can cause some very real physical reactions in our bodies. Anxiety or Panic attacks are the best example. Seemingly out of nowhere, a person experiences a racing heart beat, tightness in the chest, dizziness, sweaty hands and dry mouth, and a feeling of disorientation. People who suffer panic attacks will quickly tell you that t…